Why Groupecho Canada

Over the past 50 years, Groupecho Canada has built an unmatched reputation for reliability, personal customer service, and innovative services.

Each year, countless businesses lose money due to client insolvency. No one is immune from the financial risks of bad credit. You can rely on Groupecho to protect you by providing you with complete information about the financial situation of current or potential clients so you can be aware of any financial dangers.

Groupecho can also partner with you early in your business processes – as early as when you hire new employees and begin training them. Groupecho can pre-screen candidates for hire, and offers specialized training programs to assure you’ll get the most productivity from your employees in the areas of credit management, credit recovery, sales, and general work performance. Groupecho provides public seminars and onsite workshops with training services adapted to your needs.

Groupecho’s regional offices enable a localized experience that reaches across Canada. Each of its locations serves as a one stop shop with a full range of services. Offices are staffed by local specialists -- experts in their field -- ready to provide you with personalized service.


What to expect from a credit information and risk management company

You should deal with a credit information company that responds to your needs and offers personal service. Groupecho Canada responds to requests quickly, efficiently, and with confidentiality.