Helping construction professionals protect themselves legally for more than 50 years, GroupeEcho Canada has become a specialist in the construction industry. If you’re a construction worker or company, in any field, these services are essential for you.

  • Commercial Credit Reporting (with denunciation letter)
  • Legal Reporting
  • Collection Services (including preventive services)
  • Accounts Receivable outsourcing
  • Property and Moveable Assets Liens Report (PPSA/RPMRR)
  • Property Ownership Verification
  • Corporate Title Search Report

GroupeEcho Canada helps construction professionals:

  • Verify the real owners of the projects you work on (Property Verification)
  • Secure your contracts just in case you need to collect your fees
  • Emit quittances (A document or receipt certifying release from a debt, an obligation, or a penalty)
  • Follow and trace your projects

All this we do for one reason, and one reason only: To make sure you get paid what you are owed. Plus, Groupecho Canada acts quickly so that you loose as little time and money as possible!

For example:

Let’s say you’re a painter. You’ve just been hired by a construction company as a sub-contractor to paint a building. The first thing we help you to do is to make sure that the true owners of the building are the ones that hired the construction company for who you work. The second thing we do is help you legally inform those owners that you are working as a sub-contractor on their project using a denunciation letter. If the construction company who hired you refuses, or can’t pay you for your services, we help you take all the legal actions necessary to make the owner(s) of the building react, and pay you what you are due for the work you performed.

Protect yourself and your interests with Groupecho Canada. We’re here to help. Give us a call, we’ll set everything up!