Are you involved directly or indirectly with industrial, commercial, or residential construction projects in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan area or in the Greater Quebec Metropolitan area?

Legal Echothec

Are you involved directly or indirectly with industrial, commercial, or residential construction projects anywhere in the Province of Quebec? Don't let events and other creditors get ahead of you.  

Daily, by fax or by email, this exclusive information report from Groupecho Canada informs you of all new rights (construction legal hypothec among others) relating to immovable properties registered in the 73 Quebec land registries. Our daily data is cumulated and available weekly on our website following their daily publication of the previous week.   

First rank information  

Whether you are already involved in a construction project or plan to be, the Legal Echothec is the fastest way to get information about any project and therefore better manage your credit risk. Getting the information on time can make the difference between a good decision and a bad investment. 

If you choose where to invest your time and money, you should also choose to monitor the larger and most active regions in Quebec: 

  • Eastern Quebec Region 39 Land registry offices located in: Bas St-Laurent, Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, Capitale Nationale, Mauricie, Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Cote-Nord, Gaspesie-Iles de la Madeleine, Chaudiere-Appalaches and Centre du Québec.
  • Western Quebec Region 34 Land registry offices located in: Estrie, Montreal, Outaouais, Lanaudiere, Laurentides and Monteregie)
When the risk level is high, some creditors, suppliers and provincial and federal governments protect their investments with rights relating to immovable properties law. The Legal Echothec lets you discover who does what: you will be able not only to find out which projects are on sound financial grounds, but also which suppliers are taking greater risks with large sums of money. 

Essential to all suppliers of goods and services, the Legal Echothec gives you more than just names: it's a comprehensive detection tool.

For every registered right*, The Legal Echothec data consists of: 

  • Name and address of Debtor
  • Name of Owner
  • Name and address of Creditor
  • Project's Location
  • Amount of property right and balance, if applicable
  • Land Registry Office
  • Date and Time of Registration
  • Folio Number

*We collect for you the following registrations: Construction Legal Hypothec, Legal Hypothec CSST Law, Legal Hypothec Income Taxes Law, Legal Hypothec Land Tax Law, Conventional Legal Hypothec (resulting from a judgement) and legal hypothec for the price of power supplied (exclusive to Hydro-Quebec).

Notice of withdrawal of authorisation to collect rents - The creditor may at any time withdraw his authorisation to the grantor to collect rents. To do so he shall notify the grantor and debtor of the hypothecated right that he himself thenceforth collect the sums falling due. The withdrawal of authorisation shall be registered.

Voluntary surrender - Surrender is voluntary where, before the period indicated in the prior notice expires, the person against whom the hypothecary right is exercised abandons the property to its creditor.

Forced surrender - The surrender is forced when the court orders it, having noticed the existence of the claim, the debtor being in default and the refusal to surrender voluntarily without a valid cause for objection. 

Advance notice of exercise of rights - Following the registration of their prior notice of exercise of rights, a creditor can, when their debtor is in default and their claim is liquid and due, exercise the following hypothecary rights: taking up the good burdened to administer it, taking it in payment for their claim, selling under the control of justice or sell it themselves.

The Legal Echothec: Your strategic partner to build on solid ground.