Persuasive Collection (French only)

Be the first one paid

It’s not always easy to negotiate payment from a delinquent client and cope with difficult attitudes during the collection process. Develop your communication and persuasion techniques to become successful in collecting your money quicker.


  • Pre-requisites to the Four Steps to convince your customer to pay
    • The collection funnel
    • Pre-requisites to collection
  • 1st step
    • Structuring the call according to the principles of convincing communication
      • Identifying your intention(s)
      • Choosing a context
      • Questionning
      • Active listening
      • Taking and maintaining control of the call
    • 2nd step
      • Carrying out rigorous follow-up
        • Proceeding according to the type of debtor
    • 3nd step
      • Last chance !
        • Decision regarding the ensuing steps to be taken
    • 4th step
      • Everything to avoid bowing to facts...


Public workshop fee is $395 (plus applicable taxes - credit cards accepted) for a 4 hours training. Fee includes educational material, participation certificate and coffee break.