The security of your investments depends on the financial health of your customers and credit risk management.

Weekly Publication Courthouse Echo

The security of your investments depends on the financial health of your customers and credit risk management

Subscribe to Courthouse Echo and obtain, every week, a complete overview of legal actions undertaken in Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Western Canada.

By spending just a few minutes reading Courthouse Echo, you can follow the evolution of your customers, feel the pulse of the market and identify problematic industries.

Essential information at your fingertips

Serving Quebec since 1894, La Semaine Commerciale was acquired by Groupecho Canada and incorporated into our Courthouse Echo publication in 1988. Since then, our subscribers enjoy complete and concise financial information, 50 times per year.

Alberta Builders' lien*

Since June 2013, we published the builders' liens registered weekly at the Calgary and Edmonton land title offices.  

Judicial Information

Before any transaction, refer to the Courthouse Echo and review in a flash the exhaustive list of writs, declarations, garnishees, judgements, out-of-court settlements and withdrawals from several courts in Canada. Courthouse Echo also watches legal actions started in judicial districts other than the one your customer is located in. You will know who is being sued and who always ends up suing.


Courthouse Echo publishes a complete list of commercial bankruptcies, notices of intention, receivership, etc; information you must have considering the impact a company's bankruptcy may have on an entire industry.

Collection Accounts

Courthouse Echo informs you of all delinquent accounts known to us, transferred to collection agencies. You can therefore identify problematic accounts and know who among your customers, suppliers and competitors is playing with fire...

Credit Information Inquiries

Court House Echo gives you the name of all companies investigated by Groupecho Canada for its customers. Are credit inquiries made on your competitors? Do your customers and suppliers suddenly make several credit applications? Major transactions may be in the works!

Numbered Companies

Courthouse Echo identifies for you companies and individuals that often hide behind numerical companies to minimize their responsibilities. Why take undue risks when you can have, in your hands, such crucial and easy-to-access information?

With Courthouse Echo, discover the advantages of a publication designed by business people for business people.

Copies of those commercial credit reports are available via Internet or fax. Find out for yourself!