L’Unique General Insurance

This strategic partnership allows Groupecho Canada’s clients to benefit from an additional client-account insurance offered by L’Unique General Insurance. The company offers unique insurance products that present many advantages for businesses that want extra protection to that offered by Groupecho Canada’s credit monitoring services.

L’Unique General Insurance mainly does business in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. They distribute their services via a network of 350 independent brokers. L’Unique General Insurance offers a complete range of insurance products: from personal insurance (vehicle and home), business insurance, to credit and securities insurance.


Since 1991, Groupecho Canada has maintained an exclusive licence with TransUnion for their consumer credit information services.

This partnership offers businesses and consumers the best service possible when it comes to their credit needs. TransUnion displays proactive professionalism while always protecting the confidentiality of client data.

TransUnion helps over 50,000 businesses, across 5 continents, and maintains millions of consumers’ files throughout the world.

Just like Groupecho Canada, TransUnion works closely clients in order to understand their specific needs and find solutions that help them achieve their goals.


The Atlantic Building Supply Dealers’ Association recommends the services of Groupecho Canada to its 625 members.

The Atlantic Building Supply Dealers’ Association is the collective voice and liaison for the independent building supply and home improvement industry. It focuses on dealer and supplier needs by providing quality services and benefits.


Association De Location Du Québec (Quebec Renters Association)   

The Quebec Rental Association promotes the development, preservation, and the general well-being of its member businesses who provide construction tools and equipment for rent throughout the province.


Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association   

The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association is the voice of the road transportation industry in Eastern Canada. It promotes professionalism, continuous education, innovation, and high ethical standards among its membership.