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Implementing a new credit card system for Groupe BMR

Consult the BMR case study to learn how Groupecho Canada, more than a simple credit investigator, can become a true partner in terms of outsourcing services.

Groupecho’s contribution

Groupecho is a recognized leader in the management of client account outsourcing. Its experts assume the management of this service remotely or internally, partially or entirely, with extraordinary enthusiasm and efficiency. By entrusting its credit card management to Groupecho Canada, Groupe  BMR was able to benefit from the following advantages:

1)      Stakeholders from BMR did not have to manage their credit card system on a daily basis, therebyfreeing up their workload.

2)      Although the project is only in its first year, BMR’s client portfolio is already financially solid.

3)      Groupe B.M.R. did not have to hire new resources.


4)      Groupecho performs regular monitoring services and ensures that the outsourcing of BMR card management is in good hands.

5)      As experts in the field, Groupecho is able to reduce and maintain DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) for BMR accounts, in addition to reducing the number of bad debts.

6)      By outsourcing its client accounts to Groupecho, BMR has reduced both direct and indirect spending.

Outsourcing the implementation and management of the BMR credit card system at Groupecho Canada was a source of satisfaction for both parties. In addition to saving time on the team management chapter, Groupe BMR also saved on costs in the management of its client portfolio.

To learn more about the history of this fruitful partnership, please download the complete version of the BMR-Groupecho case study.