Reduce bad debts

There are many ways to resolve the issues of clients that are not paying, from preventative to damage control, Groupecho Canada does them all.

Whether you need experts to help with collection, or a strategy that will prevent you from dealing with future clients that do not pay, Groupecho Canada has the solutions for you.

  • Consumer credit reporting
    • Consumer  Credit Score
    • Skip Tracing
    • Consumer Solvency
    • Consumer Banking Report
  • Commercial Credit Reporting
    • Commercial Banking report
    • Commercial Solvency
    • Supplier Investigation
  • Legal Information
    • Public Records Plus
    • Courthouse Echo Report
    • Public Records
  • Collection Services
  • Monitoring Services
    • Retrogram
    • Echogram
    • Courthouse Echo Weekly Publication
  • Accounts Receivables Management Outsourcing
  • Training Sessions

From credit reports to accounts receivables outsourcing to collection services, GroupeEcho Canada is your one stop shop!