Trust experts to do an expert job. After over 50 years, GroupEcho has perfected the Collection technique.

Collection Services

Trust experts to do an expert job. After over 50 years, Groupecho has perfected the Collection technique.

Groupecho’s professionals don’t harass, they don’t threaten, and they won’t ruin your business relationships. We work in partnership with you to find solutions!

Being unable to pay is a reality in our economy. If you have clients, you have clients that are having trouble paying. That’s where Groupecho Collection Services come into play.

We help your clients find a way to pay. We work with them and with you to provide both parties with all the tools necessary to resolve all outstanding debts.

We GUARANTEE our services. If we can’t collect, YOU DON’T PAY. It’s that simple.

Why struggle with unpaid debts, why waste any more time and resources on this issue?

Give us a call, let us do what we do best so you can concentrate on what you do best. You have absolutely nothing to lose. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Why use Groupecho Collection services?

  • We quickly establish the solvency of your debtors and take appropriate action
  • We do an impartial investigation that will show you your collection possibilities
  • We track down your debtors
  • We provide a complete step-by-step report of all collection activities undertaken your behalf
  • We have over 50 years of experience in the field and all the advantages that come with being a credit bureau
  • We GUARANTEE success or YOU DON’T PAY

Don’t wait another day!

  • Reduce the number of outstanding debts
  • Rehabilitate slow payers
  • Resolve litigation
  • Transform loss into profit

Groupecho Collection Services are the professional debt recovery partners your business deserves!