pre-employment screeningbackground checkslegal informationasset researchsolvency report, credit industry groups, accounts receivable outsourcinglien registration, title searches, and account monitoring.


For more than 50 years, Groupecho Canada has been the Canadian reference in providing credit information and risk management services to financial institutions, businesses and government.  Each year, thousands of Canadian companies depend on Groupecho Canada to assist them in making intelligent business decisions concerning credit, financial risk, pre-employment, debt collection, and accounts receivable management.

An established company with up to date resources

For over 50 years, the accurate and continually updated information gathered by Groupecho’s commercial credit specialists – along with their level of service – have set Groupecho apart. Clients ranging from small local businesses to international corporations have established long-term relationships with Groupecho Canada because of services that include the most robust and up-to-date credit, financial, risk management and debt recovery offerings available today.

A unique and complete service offer

Groupecho Canada’s services are not limited to commercial credit investigation and recovery of debt or unpaid accounts. The company offers a wide range of specialized services, including pre-employment screening, background checks, legal information, asset research, solvency report, credit industry groups, accounts receivable outsourcing, lien registration, title searches, and account monitoring.

Groupecho also provides training sessions in fields as varied as credit management, recovery, sales, and workplace productivity.

Service with a personal touch

Currently, Groupecho operates six branch offices across Canada: in Mississauga (ON), Edmonton (AB), Halifax (NS), Laval (QC), Quebec City (QC) and Rimouski (QC). We have also established sales offices in Calgary (AB), Chicoutimi (QC) and Vancouver (BC) to better service our customers in these regions. Groupecho assigns you a specialist who understands the reality of your specific market and local business climate. Groupecho’s specialists provide personalized service, including meeting with you in person to better identify and understand your needs.