Reduce my turnover rate

Turnover rates cost businesses more than money. A high turnover rate means time and personnel devoted to continuous training, always having employees below the profitable peek of the learning curve, not to mention less than perfect results if these employees are client oriented.

How can you avoid a high turnover rate?

By using Groupecho Canada’s client account management services, you will optimize you costs and assure professional and proactive client follow-ups and interactions.

Additionally, we suggest you equip your HR team with the necessary tools that would allow them to hire and train only the best candidates out there. Go beyond the CV, learn everything about a potential hire, from criminal records to accreditation verification, Groupecho Canada gives you the entire picture!

By or using Groupecho Canada’s Pre-Employment Reports you will be in a much better position to make informed decisions about potential candidates.

  • Consumer credit reporting
    • Consumer  Credit Score
    • Consumer Banking Report
  • Pre-Employment Reports
    • Criminal Record
  • Accounts Receivables Management Outsourcing
  • Training Sessions

Whether you want to develop a solid, dynamic, and motivated internal team, or if you wish to outsource your client account management, Groupecho Canada has the tools and resources necessary to help you achieve all your business goals.