Our services

Your company invests considerable time, human resources, and financial capital to deliver its products and services. Unfortunately, some of your current or potential clients may be facing serious financial difficulties. Your decision to work with them could have negative consequences.

Of course, doing business always carries some risk. But Groupecho Canada helps make you fully aware of the risks by providing accurate financial portraits about prospective clients, so you can assess the potential risks and rewards before you commit.

Groupecho provides detailed credit reports, payment histories, banking profiles, and account monitoring with fast turn-around times. You receive a complete report on a potential client’s financial health, so you never have to make potentially risky business decisions in the dark. Discover symptoms of clients’ bad financial health before they go under!

And when unpaid debts threaten your revenue stream, Groupecho’s debt recovery services help you to recover the maximum of what is owed to you. Groupecho takes care of finding those with outstanding debts, defining the problem, and finding a win-win solution for all involved.

Groupecho Canada can offer you all the tools, assistance, and training you require to do business with confidence, make educated business decisions, prevent bad debt, even hire qualified and reliable staff.