How to go the extra mile in collection (French only)

And, No… the Cheque Is Not in the Mail!

Fine-tune your techniques... Recover your money. Yes, you can... very well make that extra effort in your collection initiatives! To get there, you must identify all collection means available, then use and apply them firmly and rigorously… and especially remain proactive every step of the way.


Types of Situations
  • Unfulfilled promises.
  • The client does not return any phone calls.
  • No follow-up on written communications.
  • The client can no longer be reached.
  • The client talks about bankruptcy
What Are the Possible Means and Ways of Taking Action?
  • Identify the consequences specific to your firm.
  • Possible internal action.
  • Legal remedies: why, when, how (steps to be taken).
  • Collection agencies: why, when, how.
Review of the Client’s File
  • Solvency verification
  • Search for assets
  • Update credit information
  • Use certain allies’ help and services
  • Search for additional information.
Making A Decision: Do We Stop or Carry on?
  • Remain persistent in our current efforts.
  • Select and apply a strategy with teeth.
Too Late… Bankruptcy?
  • Distinguish between:
    • a bankruptcy notice (from a person or a body corporate);
    • a proposal (part 1);
    • a composition with a firm’s creditors
  • What to do in each case (in brief)?


Public workshop fee is $395 (plus applicable taxes - credit cards accepted) for a 4 hours training. Fee includes educational material, participation certificate and coffee break.