Reduce my risk

Doing business always entails risk. It’s part and parcel of modern reality. The only way to truly reduce risk is to be informed, to seek out knowledge, and to proactively apply that knowledge to your business practices.

The following tools will provide you with all the information you need in order to manage risk as efficiently as possible.

Tools that reduce Business to Consumer (B2C) risk

  • Consumer credit reporting
    • Consumer  Credit Score
    • Consumer Solvency
    • Consumer Banking Report
    • Property and Moveable Assets Liens (PPSA/RPMRR)

Tools that reduce Business to Business (B2B) risk 

  • Commercial Credit Reporting
    • Commercial Banking report
    • Commercial Solvency
    • Commercial Search Investigation
    • Supplier Investigation
  • Legal Information
    • Public Records Plus
    • Courthouse Echo Report
    • Legal Echotec Daily Report
    • Corporate Search
    • Property Ownership Verification
    • Criminal Record
    • Echofolio Record
  • Collection Services
  • Monitoring Services
    • Retrogram
    • Echogram
    • Courthouse Echo Weekly Publication
    • Legal Echotec
  • Training Sessions

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