Legal aspects for better collecting (French only)

Learn to settle things yourself

Do not be fooled by your commercial debtors. Finally, a workshop that demystifies and simplify the legal aspects implicit to collection management. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are forced to face the worst; know how to play your game well.


  • Preventive conditions
    • Debtor’s positioning
    • Stages and essential information
    • Consent, confidentiality and disclosure
  • Account types and security
    • Interest, term, collection costs, saving of rights or recourse, guarantee, mortgage
  • Legal steps to recover a debt
    • Formal notice, disputes
    • Judgment, legal costs
    • Diagram
  • Foreseen insolvency
    • Seizure before judgment 733 C.p.c.
    • Seizure before judgment 734 C.p.c.
    • Petition in bankruptcy
    • Interim receiver

    Execution of judgment

    • Seizure, mortgage after judgment, revocatory action
  • Bankruptcy
    • Preferential payment, debt
  • Consumer proposal in bankruptcy and legal settlement



Public workshop fee is $395 (plus applicable taxes - credit cards accepted) for a 4 hours training. Fee includes educational material, participation certificate and coffee break.